The Live Your Word Community
The Live Your Word Community

Welcome to The Live Your Word Community

Use your word of the year and form rich connections to lead a happier and more meaningful life!

About Me

Hi! I'm Dimple, your coach and ally in living your best life by harnessing the power and magic of one word. Year after year, I've observed myself and others who have called in a word of the year and without a doubt, this practice has been inspirational, transformative, healing, whimsical and fun, all at the same time. It's what I love most about it-the marriage of lightness and depth. I've now made it my mission to share the wisdom and richness of this practice with others and for us to have a space where we can share the stories held by our words of the year. 

About the Community

By joining the Live Your Word Community & Coaching program, you will not only deepen your connection with your word of the year to manifest your desires but you will do so in the company of friends who love this practice as much as you do. Let's keep your word at the forefront of your mind and bring your dreams to fruition through accountability and inspiration.